The Growth Glossary

The Growth Glossary

A database of some critical terms you need to know as a modern marketer.

  • Advertorial

    A piece of content (advertisement) giving information about a product in the style of an editorial, story, or objective journalistic article. Learn more about Advertorials here

  • Average Order Value (AOV)

    This is a sum of revenue generated / number of orders taken. It a very useful metric when understanding how much you can afford to spend on acquiring customers.

  • Algorithm

    Simply a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations run by a program or application. They can be summed up and simplified to being math equations. For example, Google's search-ranking algorithm takes hundreds(or thousands) of factors into account to determine who ranks where, for what term.

  • Bounce Rate

    The percentage of viewers to a particular website who navigates away from your page after viewing only one page.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

    The art & science of studying data, hypothesizing tests, and executing A/B or multivariate tests in order to obtain a higher percentage of conversions.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

    Software that handles company's interactions with current and future customers. It often involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support. Some of the CRM's that SendGrowth recommends are HubSpot , Intercom , Streak , Salesforce .

  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

    The corporate executive responsible for marketing activities in an organization. Most often the position reports to the chief executive officer or the chief brand officer.

  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

    A style sheet language used for describing the look and formatting of a document written in a markup language.

  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

    This is a dollar amount that describes the amount of money it took to convince a potential customer. It includes the product cost as the cost involved in research, marketing, and accessibility costs as well.

  • Earnings Per Click (EPC)

    A metric that is used a lot with affiliate marketing. Derived from Profit ÷ Clicks × 100 (typically). It's a number that helps attract additional affiliates, because if this number is high then that means there a high conversion rate for targeted traffic.

  • Growth hacking

    A marketing technique developed by technology startups which mixes creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics to sell products and gain exposure. A lot of people consider this to be modern day marketing.

  • Growth hacker

    A term people use to describe a person who partakes in Growth Hacking. Some activities such as traffic generation, content writing, analytical research, A/B testing, email marketing, and much more.

  • Traffic generation

    The act of bringing people to a destination, online. This can be done in a variety of ways, like content marketing & advertising.

  • Link building

    A popular term when speaking in terms of SEO (search engine optimization), the act of getting people to link to your website, using certain anchor words. This helps Google identify the best sites, in order to optimize their algorithm.

  • Responsive

    The term used to describe a website that adapts to the device's size. This has to do with it's CSS, and/or Javascript. There are many different implementations of making a site responsive. It's a good idea to care about your website being responsive, since people browse the web on all types (and size) of device.

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

    A business or software distribution model in which applications are hosted by a business and made available to customers over the internet. Revenue models are typically done subscription based per month, quarter, year, or other.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    The process of attempting to rank higher for certain keywords on search engines. This is done by a variety of ways, and it's a competitive by nature activity. Google has a lot of resources on how to follow their guidelines when it comes to ranking, you can see a great summary here.

  • Retargeting

    Marketing term used for cookie-tracking based technology. Many ad networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, (and many more) utilize this technology. Once a visitor has seen a certain page, containing a retargeting pixel, their browser stores minimal information with them. Marketers then use this process to advertise to those individuals who have certain cookies installed. It makes optimizing certain aspects of your website or campaigns very easy.

  • Retargeting pixel

    The script that networks use to capture & store information on your behalf. An invisible pixel is sometimes used as the tracking method, which is where the terminology came from.

  • Web app

    A modern day website, custom built for a businesses needs. Accessible through popular web browsers on any device.